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About us.

Wynwood Wrestling is an upstart community organization with the sole focus to aid the betterment of youth within lower income communities through the disciplined sport of wrestling. Based in the Wynwood & Overtown community of Miami Florida, our organization utilizes the sport as a foundation to teach kids how to maximize full potential and capability in order to achieve their goals. Our aim is to apply a fundamental character building system that promotes the value of: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Vigorously raising a standard of awareness in "self-value" to become the best version of their "dreams and goals" affecting a positive change that translates into our everyday environment!

Our mission

Our mission is to be a source of opportunity for young athletes through the sport of wrestling. We aim to provide a safe space to train, a channel through which to obtain scholarships and an overall learning center for at risk youth living in disenfranchised, underserved communities. By instilling a strong moral foundation, necessary social skills, and a high level of discipline in each one of our students, Wynwood Wrestling strives to ensure that all kids reach their fullest potential.

Our story

Founded by four former high school and collage level wrestlers, Wynwood Wrestling was structured around the belief in the value of our community, and understanding it starts with the youth. Samuel Mercado, Luis Mercado, Carlos Arroliga and Arnol Arroliga; all natives of Miami, were raised within the inner city. They understood the struggle and challenges faced by the youth because they lived it themselves. This inspired them to create a program that would serve as a safe haven for these kids, motivating and teaching them there is more to life then just “the streets” or becoming a product of their environment. 

The wrestling journey has afforded them the ability to challenge themselves to become better student athletes and earn college scholarships. More importantly, they were challenged and expose to different environments, other than the misleading factors that are imposed designs of many disenfranchised communities. They are a distinguished team of men with invaluable experience to share, and a vision to instill ‘righteous confidence’ in our youth



The first time I ever stepped foot in WynWood it felt like a new home. It felt like a place I was going to grind and get better in. The coaches gave me their full attention and the technique was straight forward and tough just how I liked it. They taught me how to succeed in tough situations and positions for higher levels of wrestling. I was able to get better physically and mentally. My senior year of wrestling I was 33-3 placing  2nd at the state tournament and now I am wrestling at a D2 college. I give a lot of credit to WynWood Wrestling for helping me get better and for helping get to where I’m at right now. I would recommend any wrestler to be a part of WynWood Wrestling whether you are a beginner or whether you are a state champ! Much love to you all! WynWood Wrestling is where champions are made!


"To start off, I want to say that WYNWOOD WRESTLING help me improve my skills not just in wrestling but in life as well. I've grown physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel much more confident in my moves and in class. After joining WYNWOOD WRESTLING, decisions were much easier to make, especially important ones. Arnol, Sam, Luis, and Carlos have been all contributors; and advocates as well as supporters on improving my wrestling. WYNWOOD WRESTLING is a stepping stone; possibly the biggest, to get to where I need to be in college. I thank them for everything they do. "


I am an athlete from El Salvador who is very grateful for this organization because it is well managed by some very professional people and has enabled me to develop my athletic skills. I have been able to improve my mental and tactical techniques, achieve better international results such as a Pan American silver in the last year among many other accomplishments. Thank you very much for everything!


Wynwood Wrestling has been a second home to me. Ever since my first practice there, all they taught me was to strive to be the best. They have pushed me to my furthest limits, and have helped me achieve great accomplishments. I owe my successful 121-23 high school career record, and 4th place state finish to wynwood wrestling. Every single coach and instructor prepared me for success.  I️ will now continue my wrestling career at Life University, Georgia, and will bring with me everything I️ have learned from Wynwood Wrestling. Wrestling is my lifestyle and it is far from over.


Wrestling Wynwood has done so much for me. They put their valuable time and effort to help me succeed not just in the sport of wrestling but also life. They’ve showed me the more you stay motivated and put your mind and heart into it, you will maximize your full potential.

Because of Wynwood Wrestling, i stayed ambitious to get back into college and wrestle, and now i’m preparing to head out to college and continue my wrestling career. It is something i thought it was never going to happen.


I will forever be grateful to the sport of wrestling and hold on dearly.


"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy" only some have heard, very few have experienced...


Thanks to the support of Wynwood Wrestling, young kids from El Salvador were able to organize a camp to better develop their athletic abilities. Wynwood Wrestling has opened doors for this team and brought it to an international level through its sponsorship. Thank you Wynwood Wrestling!




Wynwood Wrestling has been a place that I could always get that extra work in. I’ve met some amazing mentors that have helped me become a better wrestler for my college career. They give me that motivation and mindset that with hard work I can set myself to the top.

Being a Female wrestler I like to set the example that girls can be just as tough as boys, it was a great learning experience that I’m grateful to have had.


“Going into college wrestling i didn’t think I would have done well, especially coming from the inner city I thought I wouldn’t have anointed up to much, but working with some collegiate athletes at wynwood wrestling they were able to give me key advice on how to succeed at the next level. Now My wrestling has improved dramatically ever since and it’s been uphill from here.”


"I am very thankful that I found Wynwood Wrestling because they took my wrestling skills to new heights and have prepared me to be mentally tough not only in wrestling but in life too. Attending Iowa Central Community College 


“Wynwood wrestling changed me. not only in an athletic way, but also as a person. The coaches are extremely caring and mold themselves to fit every single wrestlers needs. Its like they have a specific game plan for everyone. Not only do they help you out, but they also motivate you as much as they possibly can. I went from wrestling for nearly 2 years to now graduate in the class of 2018 and wrestle in college. This isn't exactly a success story yet, because its still not over. But its definitely one in the making, and id like to thank Wynwood wrestling for that.”


WynWood Wrestling, a place that took me in as if it were home. Helped me not only gain the technique and skills I’ve obtained in the wonderful sport of wrestling but also showed me what life’s true meaning is.  Most humans walk away from a challenge but they molded me to become the person that hunts that down to conquer it. It all starts once my foot touches that line. Thank you Wynwood Wrestling for being advocates in my life to pursuing my dream. Love to all. 


Ive been an athlete ever since I was a little kid. I started in mixed martial arts around age 9. i remember my first day of practice like it was yesterday. As days passed i started to become the great wrestler i am today. It took sweat, hard work, blood, and dedication. I did not become the wrestler that i am today just by myself. Wynwood Wrestling made me the strong, mature young man that i am today. Everyday practicing hard, non stop pushing and the intensity that ive been through with Wynwood Wrestling made me the great wrestler i am today. Its not just a club, its a family. Im young and doing great things that kids normally my age wont be able to accomplish. All thanks to Wynwood Wrestling . If you wanna be great, stop playing games and start your adventure to success right here. Go Wynwood Wrestling ! 


Wynwood wrestling has helped me grow as an athlete and a man. The coaches, staff, and even my teammates have tought me to do what I need to do to be successful and do what's right for me. Everyone involved in this program will listen to you with open ears. I believe that Wynwood Wrestling is my home away from home. These are the people that helped me become the wrestler I am today. These are the people you can trust to transform your child into an respectful, responsible adult. These are the people that want to see kids succeed.



When I joined Wynwood Wrestling in the summer of my junior year 2016, I was amazed to see how much I'd grown not only on the mat but in my academics as well. When you attend practice, you are surrounded by a group of talented individuals who emphasize attention to detail, and perfection throughout every move learned, to wrestle to the best of your ability. I can't  thank Wynwood Wrestling enough for giving me the skill set to take on the challenges of life.


Wynwood wrestling has had one of the greatest impacts on my life by teaching me how to greatest I can be physically and mentally. The hardwork through training kept me out of trouble as well as forcing me to learn no matter how hard anything gets to never give up. All the coaches push me to do better, the helped me create a bond with wrestling so I can express myself and teach others willing to learn.


Wynwood wrestling helped me allot towards my wrestling career. I recommend it for any wrestler from a beginner to a wrestler skilled at the highest level. Wymwood Wrestling is the place to go ! 


WynWood wrestling has had one of the biggest impact of my life teaching me physically and mentally.The though training times I wanted to quite and they  just kept pushing, me through it making me stronger and stronger teaching me to never give up. Coaches taking they time out teaching me different techniques.


Wynwood Wrestling has brought my wrestling skills to a new level. It feels like home with the coaches, they are great mentors and very easy to talk to.


I would like to thank wynwood wrestling for coaching me and giving me the opportunity to wrestle for them and also thank the coaches for getting me where where i'm at now I appreciate the wynwood wrestling organization.

Rafael Medina

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Wynwood Wrestling Inc

1717 NW 5 Ave, Miami FL, 33136

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